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Be a boss.


Gig Boss is the key to organizing your freelance music business.

Create events, manage your calendar, hire the band, and track payments all in one place. 


Packed with features to make your life easier. So you can focus on the music.

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Manage your busy calendar

Gigs can be viewed in list or calendar mode. Color coding indicates whether or not you’ve been paid.

Get the details

View and customize the gig details—date, time, venue, personnel, payout, address, and more!

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Create groups

Manage your personnel list to include regular and sub members. Quickly select who you want at the gig.

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Track payments

Get reminder notifications when it’s time to pay the band or collect payment.


This is just the soundcheck.

The beta launch includes the primary functions of Gig Boss. Stay tuned as we roll out new functionality.

 Your feedback matters to us.

Let us know what would make your life easier.